This is a very fast paced book, but it's refreshing. Although the premise sounds 'typical' it's written in such a perspective that ALL of this is new, and it's beautiful - let alone the multi-billionaire estate we all wish we had! Read more

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire has beaten it's way to the top of my all time favourites list. Quite literally, it's vanquished every other series I might have read, and now they can only gaze upon their new Royalty. Read more

If you're asking 'Should I read this book' the answer is 'absolutely hell yes', unless you hate: badass girls who've been wronged, lust-love-hate-lust-hate-love-hate relationships, and, creative worlds with blood, betrayal and magic. Fair warning - you will NOT be able to put this book down. Read more

Review of Flames of Chaos by Amelia Hutchins: The idea sounded perfect... the plotline had prospect... the characters were interesting... but it was so poorly executed. Read more

This book made me angry, frustrated – seething, it made me hurt, made me laugh, made me fall in love. This is my book review of Siege and Storm Read more

Honestly, the book itself was brilliant… Bardugo has such a way with words, there is truly no equal in her territory. The writing was perfect as ever, engaging and authentic world building, beautiful descriptions, wonderful characters that jump off the page. Charismatic, heartfelt, raw. Read more

Typical... but don't be deceived, there is far more to this story than meets the eye - and every time you think you know where the plotline is going, it throws a grenade in the mix and things (sometimes literally) blow holes in your world. This is no typical adventure or romance story - it's something else entirely. Read more

How to make and send a message in a bottle in easy steps with video vlog! Read more

Of all the things to do in japan, Arashiyama Monkey Park is one of my most recommended. Get up close and personal while feeding the monkeys at Arashiyama, one of the great experiences in Japan. Read more

Can you find the hidden pug in this photo? Read more

As a volcanically active country, Japan is situated on a number of volcanoes and this volcanic activity naturally heats a number of water sources that pool aboveground, and from this natural occurrence, thousands of onsens have both occurred naturally and been stimulated by man-made structures. Read more

All in all: if you’re visiting japan, try and make some time go to a ryokan and experience the historic culture and long-kept traditions of the local people. It’s a rich life experience and one I’m really glad that we got to undergo. Read more

And it’s exhausting. So exhausting that we think about giving up so many times a day, just because we just can’t do it anymore. Even small amounts of pain can be tiring, living in constant pain is heart-shattering and soul-sucking. Read more

Rating piercing pain scales from 1-10 including daith piercing, eyebrow piercing, bellybutton piercing, helix piercing and lip piercing. Read more

Like many fellow wedding photographers, I am forever searching for new gadgets to add to me ever-growing arsenal of gear. I'm not ashamed to admit that I have an addiction, an addiction to staying up late and browsing hundreds of web pages to find the perfect lens, the perfect filter and perfect bag for this career. Read more

When you are grown I will look back on this photo And remember a simple time When you thought of me only as a hero And I was your whole heart Read more

This is what happens when mummy tries to get her picky child to eat plain old CHEESE. Read more

This is Parenthood. It's staying up all night when you're exhausted because they just won't sleep. It's kisses and cuddles and tickles, even when you're exhausted. Read more

1. When all the other TOGs are out shooting and you're stuck indoors editing 8 weddings and a christening. Read more

If you've ordered backdrops online the chances are you've dealt with some atrocious creases in your backdrops. Learn how to get them out with a garment steamer. Read more

Upnor is a great place to visit, with many grade II listed buildings and beautiful views - it's great for those kids who will stop and "listen" to whats going on as well as those who love a little run around and a great view! Oscar has visited 3 castles (Dover Castle, Rochester Castle and Upnor Castle) in the last couple of weeks and I think he may have fallen in love with them - which is great for us as a family! Read more

When somebody dies it can feel like there's a whole in your heart; like a part of you has died too. Yet it's such a common occurrence: some 150,000 people die every day on earth. Read more

The castle was originally built in 1050 by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester and later entrusted to the Archbishop of  Canterbury, who begun to build the keep (the tallest medieval building to survive in Europe). It stands on the east bank of the River Medway.  Read more

Tonight, we built a fire and cooked sausages while Oscar remembered his siblings in the stars. Read more

"Oh you have kids? How many?" "Two. But one died." Read more

I'm sure at one point or another every mother has become either painfully bored of or moderately hateful towards her once-beloved pram. Bugaboo (one of the most popular pushchair brands) parents certainly aren't exempt of this. Read more