45 Feelings Only Photographers Will Understand

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1. When all the other TOGs are out shooting and you’re stuck indoors editing 8 weddings and a christening.

Silicon Valley watching goodbye window waiting

2. Still having 8 weddings and a christening left to edit and deliver when all you want to do is nap.

frustrated jake johnson nick miller stressed new girl

3. When you’ve been editing WAYYYYYY too long…


4. Wearing whatever you want to work because you work from home.

something to dance for

5. When you have to leave for an evening shoot after editing all day.

Angie Tribeca tbs angietribeca wardrobe rashidajones

6. Trying to motivate yourself to get some work done.

Rihanna music video work rihanna work work work work work work work

7. When you finally finish editing a project.


8. Browsing for expensive new equipment online (that you SO cannot afford right now).

miley cyrus reactions omg internet shocked

9. When someone asks you what lens you want to buy next.

idk shrug i dont know donald trump unsure

10. When you finally decide what lens you’re going to buy next.

i want

11. And then you see the brand new, just released f/1.2 version that costs £1,000 extra but is sooooo pretty…

HULU fuck angela kinsey the hotwives of las vegas

12. Deciding what is appropriate to wear for the super formal wedding you’re shooting tomorrow.

lisa kudrow clothes romy and micheles high school reunion nothing to wear

13. When you pick up your second shooter for today’s wedding and you know it’s going to be an awesome day.

caool karaoke

14. When you both finally finish working at midnight after staying late for their sparkler exit and race to McDonald’s for nourishment.

friends car tv driving ross

15. When kids see your camera and find out you’re a photographer.

friends car

16. When you’re shooting and you first smell the wedding food.

the rock swag fabulous

17. Trying to get 100 guests together and looking at you for a group photo.

CraveTV angry scream alison brie frustrated

18. When you’re taking professional photos and someone blocks your shot to take a picture with their smart phone.

HULU annoyed pissed off seething tv

19. Trying to get kids to smile for photos.

funny faces making faces

20. When someone compliments your camera.

filmeditor thanks movie mean girls

21. And says “your camera must take good photos.”

parks and recreation amy poehler parks and rec thats me bobchik

22. When you forget to remove the lens cap…


23. When someone asks you to shoot “for exposure”.

supernatural angry smiling dean winchester

24. When someone books your biggest package.

The Voice excited yes yay christina aguilera

25. When the sun is at that awful angle…

26. When people can’t look at the camera at the same time for 3 seconds…

Keanu Movie focus look at me eyes keanu

27. When a website uses your images without crediting you.

Music Choice angry actor hailee steinfeld pissed off

28. When you find your images in someone else’s portfolio.

wtf dafuq what the fuck confused kanye west

29. Almost blinding people with your flash.

jennifer lawrence

30. Finding other photographer buddies.

friends besties body positivity body posi bishamber dias

31. When you leave the house and realise you forgot your memory cards.

friends joey tribbiani matt leblanc friends tv realization

32. When a client doesn’t like your photo.

sad crying michelle tanner pout full house

33. When a photographer says mean things about your work on the forum.

ScreamQueens crying scream queens cry emma roberts

34. Nailing that perfect shot.

excited awesome yay screaming yelling

35. When the bride and groom prepare special vows and they’re absolutely beautiful.

BRIT Awards the brit awards paloma faith the brits im so moved

36. When your battery dies.

Sporza why euro2016 euro 2016 euro

37. Trying to email everybody back after a late shoot.

cat computer working keyboard typing

38. Trying to blend in and look like a guest at the wedding.

party friday honor guest

39. When a potential client decides to go with another photographer.

abc oh the bachelor

40. The need to go anywhere and take pictures constantly.

david tennant uncomfortable shifty

41. When a client leaves you great feedback.

The Late Late Show with James Corden thank you james corden hello bow

42. When you nearly drop your camera.

Brett Eldredge reaction no scared scary

43. When it’s time to update your website.

SLOTHILDA animation fail cartoon kawaii

44. When shooting newborns and babies…

vomit baby

45. When you realise you wouldn’t trade it for anything…

happy laughing the sopranos smiling tony soprano

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