Eight years of your contagious smile and the biggest adventure yet.

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Let’s go back in time. It’s 2012. A 16 year old me gives birth to a tiny 6lb13oz you. She thinks she has it all figured out, but she has no idea what she’s doing.

This journey has been a rollercoaster adventure, through different homes, friends come and gone. Toys and furniture come and go. Change is a constant, because this little baby is growing and learning and exploring every second.

But what’s the constant? The smile. That smile that’s enough to steal your heart away. That day, eight years ago now, it seems like yesterday. It’s the day another human being took my entire heart and kept it. And it’s been with him ever since.

The love and joy and journeys and grievous heartbreaks and incomprehensible happiness, it flares and receeds from one rollercoaster to another. We try and learn along the way, but we’re all just figuring it out as we go along.

Somehow, past all the mistakes and heartbreaks we have encompassed love and hope and a curious nature in a little person who genuinely loves to help, he has a passion to better himself and cares unconditionally about those close to him.

So, eight years later. That little baby is gone. He’s still deep in there somewhere, but he’s grown into a little human with character, humour and an infectious laugh and a smile that melts your heart, which been present for his entire existence.

When Oscar smiles, you smile. His happiness is contagious, like a sneeze you have no control over. And he stole my heart eight years ago, so I have no choice but to follow and adore him to the ends of the earth.

Whatever choices he may make as this new person, I support him. I am his teacher, his guide, his parent and above all – I love and reassure him unconditionally to fortify his determination to reach his goals. He’s a person, he makes his own mistakes, and it’s a challenge in its own to force ourselves to sit back when necessary and let him learn from them.

Today, Oscar, it’s eight years since you tore my world apart and rebuilt a new life for us. You have taught me more about myself than I will ever be able to guide you, but I will try my hardest to be the unyielding pillar beneath you.

Congratulations on eight successful years on this earth. Your happiness makes my heart sing. I know your little sister willow and brother teddy are proud of the person you are becoming, and will watch over and guide you too. And thank you to every family member and friend who has supported us on this adventure. May it continue to be wild and challenging and full of love as you grow into this beautiful human being.

Happy birthday, baby boy. You’re my world.

Love, Mumma.

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