Every Day is our family video blog and fun, we create videos of all kinds, such as: challenge videos, how-to videos, opinion videos, activity videos, gaming videos, singing and music videos, blogging and vlog videos, and more. We are a family based in England.

Confident speaker, investigative explorer, sports lover, nerf champion. An unrivalled source of energy, powerful enough to fuel an entire town without needing sleep. Loves: coffee, chocolate, pugs, maths, history, geography, zoo-ology, STEM science, video gaming, talking! Hates: Broccoli, sitting still, going to sleep, getting dressed.
Awkwardness personified with lots of irrational dreams, bad jokes and strong minded opinions. Naturally quiet yet so very LOUD sometimes; a walking, talking (sometimes) oxymoron. I'm mostly here for pictures of cats.
Class clown. Laid back, joker with a video game addiction, the obvious ginger (without the soul). Loves a netflix drama. Supportive, compassionate and helpful. Likes to make really bad jokes and pull pranks. Belly champion. Loves: sleep, sleep, video games, food, sweets, baths, travelling, sleep. Hates: reading, sports, art, geography, focusing.