Emmy; ♛ the Sleepless Collector of Fairytales, Mother of Old Stories and Connoisseur of Lazy Days

Awkwardness personified with lots of irrational dreams, bad jokes and strong minded opinions. Naturally quiet yet so very LOUD sometimes; a walking, talking (sometimes) oxymoron. (I'm mostly here for pictures of cats.) English, art, music, and humanitarian enthusiast. Total idealist, social-justice warrior, and feminist/equalitarian. By day, I work as a therapist, by night... well, I prefer the night. You might find me anywhere, really. I don't like to sit still long.

Interests: Writer, Bookworm, Photographer, Traveller, Adrenaline-Junkie, Gamer, Designer, Pet-lover, Mama, In-Love-With-My-Bed, Netflixer // Stupid describing quote: A [secret] ginger with a wild constellation of freckles that betrays me! // Loves: chocolate, investigating curious things, animals, singing, creating, travelling and exploring. // Hates: having to get out of bed, coffee, sitting still for any reasonable length of time, ignorance.


portrait picture of ememmy emily crutcherYou’ll most likely find me nestled up in the corner with a blanket and an old book, or staring wistfully out of the window at the pouring rain. I love the water; I’m never more at home than when I’m by the sea. I’m one of those irritating people that is fiercely protective, terrifyingly emotional and sometimes just a little wild. 'Weird' is no longer a word that insults me, it's become part of my description. I like to write, and long for adventure in that great wild somewhere. 

The Game of Random facts:

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Song(s): Moment of Truth - CYN, Girls/Girls/Boys - P!ATD // Colour: Jade-grey / Rose-gold. // Furniture: Chaise lounge // Day out: Exploring abandoned places // Book(s): I couldn't choose. Throne of Glass is probably the series I find most inspiring/motivating. I've got my lists on Goodreads, though. // Holiday destination: Iceland (or Japan!) // Favourite quote: It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. // Subject: History, Archaeology, English language, Psychology, Occupational Therapy // Way to relax: with a detailed, captivating book or a unique, thought-provoking tv series. // Achievement: Raising a compassionate, kind human being