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Photo Blog: Exploring Historic Rochester with Oscar.

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The air has begun to turn cold in England. This summer was one of the hottest we’ve felt in a while but now that October is beginning our weather seems to have caught up with it’s self. We decided to trek Oscar around Rochester.

For those of you who aren’t local to Medway, Rochester is a beautifully historic town. It was an area where Charles Dickens lived, and is home to not only one of the best preserved castles in England or France – but also the beautiful Rochester, Cathedral. The castle was originally built in 1050 by Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester and later entrusted to the Archbishop of  Canterbury, who begun to build the keep (the tallest medieval building to survive in Europe). It stands on the east bank of the River Medway. The Cathedral is England’s second oldest and was founded in 1640 by Bishop Justus. The present building itself can be dated back to Bishop Guldulf. It is a magnificent, Gothic styled building with beautiful ancient architecture. The town is also home to the well-known Shorts Factory and Tunnels where the first plane to launch a torpedo was built by the Shorts Brothers in the first world war.

We let Oscar pick his exploration route. First of all we wandered up the castle itself and enjoyed the view before Oscar spotted a man and his daughters who had the brilliant idea to make giant bubble-wands and bring a bucket of bubble mix out into the castle gardens. A crowd of children was gathering and Oscar raced back down the keep to play with the bubbles too.

When he was finished with that escapade, he decided to visit the cathedral. He loves exploring the amazing structure and he particularly enjoys visiting the chapel to light a candle and say a prayer for his stillborn sister and unborn brother (as you can see in the pictures!) He also talked us into buying him a jingling Christmas bell, like the one from  “Polar Express” and an advent calendar.

By the time we’d gotten through all these adventures it was past 4 o’clock and we decided to all go for dinner at Simply Italian (the local restaurant) before ending the day, but not before I took a lot of pictures and decided to share them here!

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