father and son by campfire

September Nights

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Tonight, we built a fire and cooked sausages. Oscar loved it, he also enjoyed roasting leaves on the fire and told us he wanted to cook a slug… It’s moments like these I love to capture. Love and happiness: such a beautiful moment to see considering two weeks ago we lost our baby boy at 16 weeks and have been grieving. Oscar looked up at the night sky tonight and said “I can see a star, I think it’s baby Willow!” which was beautiful, for him to think of his sister. He really is an angel, which is quite quintessential considering he has two angel siblings. We are blessed to have him as a son.

I may have entered the house again reeking of smoke, my son’s fingers covered in leaves and greasy sausage fat… but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Take the time to enjoy the small moments, those are what you’ll remember when they’re all grown and you’re alone.

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