This is Parenthood.

Parenthood Personal

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This is Parenthood.

It’s staying up all night when you’re exhausted because they just won’t sleep.

It’s kisses and cuddles and tickles, even when you’re exhausted.

It’s toddler tantrums and waving goodbye as they go to school.

It’s when tiny bodies crawl into your bed at 11pm, demanding to be cuddled to sleep.

Its sticky fingers being smeared on your face and having fifteen fights in a row because no, it’s not okay to eat jellybeans for dinner.

It’s wanting to cry and scream and shout and laugh and jump at the same time because your heart swells so much when you think about a tiny human.

It’s 24 hours a day,

7 days a week;

it’s painful,

it’s exhausting,

it’s awful sometimes.

It’s emotional fights and the struggle between wanting to be your child’s friend and knowing you have to be hard on them to help them grow up stronger.

It’s preparing a life to be able to live themselves.

It’s wondering how you’ll ever cope, but knowing you’d never want it any other way.

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