Using a Garment Steamer to remove creases from Photography Backdrops – BuySShow Garment Steamer Review

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If you’ve ordered backdrops online the chances are you’ve dealt with some atrocious creases in your backdrops. Even if you just fold them up rather than rolling them, the creasing in the fabric just doesn’t look any good when hung up – and let’s be honest, hanging them out doesn’t get rid of the creases! I think that’s just an old wives tale!

I was absolutely sick of photo-shopping out creases from backdrops I’d ordered online so I finally gave in and tried out a handheld garment steamer with them – and I have to say, I won’t ever go without it again!

After browsing around a few websites online for a good “budget” steamer to invest in and try out, I finally decided on buying the BuySShow 650W Garment Steamer. (Amazon Prime meant it was delivered next day, as well!)

It arrived in great condition in the box pictured above and was simple to operate – simply fill up with water and switch on! There are two heat settings (1 and 2) and a garment brush to attach onto the head of the appliance (which should be attached before switching it on). When it was switched on, it took approximately 15-20 seconds to heat up, which was perfect!



I set up my equipment and hung out my plain sheet backdrop that I was going to test the steamer on before plugging in the steamer and switching it to heat setting 1.

I then steamed the sheet in “up and downwards” movements as is advised by the manual, which explicitly states you should only go vertically and never horizontally. My cat decided to get involved at this point, too!

steaming garment steamer photography photographic sheet backdrop setup creasing creases


My assistant took over from me at this point to go over the garment once more –  plus, he was curious to have a go because it looked fun!

I will have to add at this point that the wire was a little short – probably because it was meant for steaming clothes and not a larger area (although I only set the backdrop up to a medium size as I was using it for a newborn shoot). The wire struggled to reach the other side of the backdrop – and the plug was right next to the set up, so I will in future use an extension cable with the appliance.

When the sheet was sufficiently steamed, I took a comparison photo. I didn’t go over the backdrop meticulously because I had a shoot setup coming in about an hour and wanted to get ready, so there were some fainter creases still in the fabric. These may have come out with heavier steaming where you leave the steamer in one place for a longer time and go up and down very slowly, but I didn’t have the time to test this. It did what it was meant to do, however, and the creases that were left would not show up unless a model was touching the backdrop and it was right in the depth of field – and even so, they would be easier than usual to photo shop out as they are very light.


Unfortunately I forgot to take high quality photographs of this review as I was a little pressed for time – so there is a little quality compromise, but you can see the difference none the less and it backs up what I’m saying – I would definitely recommend this little garment steamer or any garment steamer to be used for de-creasing your backdrops!

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Thank you,

Emily x

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