When you are grown.

Parenthood Personal

When you are grown

I will look back on this photo

And remember a simple time

When you thought of me only as a hero

And I was your whole heart


I will remember the angel lashes

That flutter on your cheek as you

Are lost in a dream land of your own

And find innocence in your beauty


I will remember every kiss I pressed

Upon your perfect skin

And the way you scrunch up your nose

When I kiss you too much


I will remember every moment you held me

As I held you and told you

That I would love you forever and a day

And you told me you loved me more


I will remember the vibrant giggles that echo

Through the house as you bound about

And I will not mind when you jump on me

And demand to be tickled


I will remember the times we lay awake at night

Talking about our fears

Talking about our dreams, our likes, our lives

And fall asleep in each others arms


I will remember

When you are grown.

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