A letter to all small business owners: You can do this

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It’s so sad to see so many small business owners completely undervaluing themselves these days.

Providing their services for pennies; at prices that mean they are earning barely minimum wage- or not even making a profit- just because they haven’t worked for the confidence to charge what their are worth.

Now, it is entirely one’s own choice, what they choose to charge and how they choose to run their business… but let’s be fair here. Nobody wants to work for peanuts and for five times as many hours, realistically.

So this is a letter to all of my friends with small businesses; to every single one of you who’s just trying to get by in a world that seems to be against you:

You. Are. Worth. More.

I know you may not feel it.

I know you feel like nobody will pay what you really want to charge.

But I promise you, if you sell yourself with confidence and knowing that you are worth this much… you’ll get so much further. You’ll be so much happier.

Create a brand, create a personal business that does for others what no one else does, offer them above and beyond and show them exactly why you are worth that money… and they will come. Don’t settle for less. Offer them luxury. Offer them personality. Offer them true service, and they’ll come to you because of that experience you are creating for them.

Be the best version of you and reach for the stars. Because you, you are worth so much more than you think right now. Now go and take it.

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